Expo Dubai ESTS

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With the platform, all vehicles taking part in exhibitions can be tracked, keeping the event safe and controlled without involving too many personnel

The application organizes and automates an important part of the event, allowing real-time access to detailed information about the device connected to the vehicle. ESTS is an online platform that aims to support security by giving information about routes, speed, loitering, and other vital information. Details, events, and alerts of a vehicle can be controlled in real-time as well as in replay.

Project Context

The device used for the vehicle has its own application for mentioning events but It was not current with many problems, so our team started developing a new web application.

We started the work with 1 back-end developer, 1 full-stack developer, 2 front-end developers, 1 manual tester and a bunch of new modules to be developed.

The Challenge

  • Development of a TCP server that could receive a lot of divergent connections in real time with concatenated messages
  • Creating modules that parse device messages and create trip events (speed, loitering, enter/exit geofence, low battery alarm, etc).
  • Using leaflet maps to create geofences, viewing a trip in real-time., displaying the current position of all trips, as well as displaying all alerts in active trips. Also creating a trip playback module to view trips later after they were completed.
  • Correct handling of events in case of signal loss
  • Assure efficient communication and alignment with the proposed timeline and budget