Eye On The Goal – A Platform for Educators

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A school improvement system for accelerated student learning.


Performance Fact, Inc. is a culturally diverse team of professionals with proven expertise in teaching, research, educational leadership, organizational development, and the corporate sector. They collaborate with clients by aligning their expertise with the clients’ vision for their schools and communities. Their sole commitment and “soul purpose” is to support educational leaders and practitioners with a system of solutions for building stronger schools and accelerating learning for all students.

Rebuilding the Product

After nearly a decade of trial & error with the digital transformation of their business model, Performance Fact came to us to rethink, design and develop an intensive strategic planning and school improvement system. The system would be used to accelerate student learning through the continuous improvement of strategic planning, teaching, leadership, and organizational practices.

Immersing into the Interlaced US Education System

Through a series of workshops, we dove into the complex US educational system and the specific challenges that needed to be solved. By gathering valuable information from the users, we got the insights that needed to be aligned with the stakeholders’ needs.

Aligning Business Goals with the Online Platform

As we were rebuilding the platform, the whole system needed to be realigned to the core business needs of the Performance Fact. That meant that we needed to get rid of some of the core parts of the existing platform and make more room for new ones. Stakeholder workshops helped us define a clear vision of the future platform and its alignment with the business vision of the company.

Improving the User Experience

One of the main goals was to significantly improve user experience, and in doing so bring joy to customers using the product. That meant that we needed to fulfill all the needs of different user groups that were using the platform for different purposes. Through user research and interviews, we defined the pain points and needs for every role.

Some of the main principles in user experience improvement were:

  • Significant simplification of the tool, based on user needs
  • Building a more intuitive collaboration platform for different roles and participants
  • Easier and more comprehensive data visualization and analysis
  • Focus on employee performance inside school organizations
  • Goals-oriented platform for day to day usage in a school environment

Key Benefits That the Platform Brings to Educators

The platform was designed to guide educators through key components of their professional work, including:

  • Strategic planning within the school district level
  • Visualizing and analyzing data about student learning and professional practices
  • Monitoring, managing and tracking progress of projects and people
  • Collaboration among practitioners and school staff
  • Creation of detailed and data supported reports