Facebook Ads for Businesses – Lumber Company Case Study

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Two weeks, three ads and 130,000+ new targeted customers reached.

Our Approach to Digital Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube – Social Media has changed the world, print advertising will clearly never be the same. Yet most businesses have yet to take digital marketing seriously; If anyone can sign up for a profile, then running ads and promotions must be just as easy – right? Then, after being met with failure or lack luster results, they write it off as a novelty and wonder why other businesses grow while their own business stalls. How can anyone expect expert-level results without a professional leading the way? Is there some sort of secret to digital marketing that other businesses know? How exactly does social media advertising work and what’s the actual cost, when it’s all said and done? Tapping into online sales is as simple as this: find your optimal audience, develop quality content, saturate your chosen niche, then slowly diversify… By hyper-focusing our audiences and creating quality advertisements with relevant original content we’ve created a cost-effective strategy that brings proven results- in as little as two weeks!


By Hyper Targeting specific demographics with advertisements and focusing on the quality of each posts content we were able to increase Engagement, Impressions, & Reach. These three factors are what turn passive viewers into active customers, which means more revenue walking through the front doors.


Within two weeks we were able to reach over 130,000 people with our targeted ads, and even ended up bringing in sales- an unexpected bonus for our client! Quality content and focused advertisements = cost effective brand awareness.

Generally speaking, anything above 1% engagement is considered good; 0.5%-0.99% is average; and below 0.5% engagement means you’ve got to make some serious changes to either your content, the copy or both. Currently, we’re sporting an engagement rate of 30%. That’s good. Really, really, really good… Approximately 30 times as good as the industry average! Quality content + hyper-targeted audiences = effective digital marketing.

As a bonus, we also managed to get almost 400 link clicks – even though our focus was on building brand awareness! It goes to show that compelling content simply can’t be beaten – especially when it’s paired with hyper-targeted advertising and a proper budget…