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FeetUp® revolutionizes inverted yoga with tailored video content for everyone and every body.

About the Project

FeetUp® turns yoga upside down with a one-of-its-kind platform that offers tailored instructional videos, a complete shop for movement props, and all the support you’ll need. FeetUp® is the companion app of the FeetUp® Trainer™, a tool that helps yoga practitioners master safe inversions within minutes. The mobile app goal is to get the most out of the FeetUp® Experience with a comprehensive database of yoga, fitness, and relaxation classes.

Our partnership with FeetUp® extends over the course of more than one year in which we provided valuable content and a fantastic user experience to users worldwide.

The Challenge

Building an app from scratch that offers the full experience of working with a personal yoga trainer came with its fair share of challenges. The team aimed to deliver yoga instructions and video classes tailored for every body type and experience level while providing a way for teachers to do live streams and engage with users. Besides the video content, the platform planned to have an integrated shop for the FeetUp® Trainer™ tool.

The Solution

We built a mobile app that delivers video and audio content to a high number of users simultaneously while tracking user behaviour and time spent inverted. For offering a customized experience we developed a highly configurable admin area for uploading new content, moderating comments and sending push notifications. We also integrated a community feature and a worldwide chain of shops that allows users to purchase products.