Felix Gray – E-Commerce SEO

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We started on this project with Felix Gray in December of 2016.

Felix Gray’s founders Chris and David are two down to earth guys who have created a product that is valuable in their industry, stylish computer glasses. The market is relatively new and there are few competitors. However, those who are competing with Felix Gray have quality websites with solid SEO. We connected to identify opportunities to improve the website and outrank competitors for specific keywords

About the Project:

Victorious was tasked with completing a “Battle Audit” of Felix Gray’s site and increasing their SEO ranking while the co-founders of Felix Gray scaled-up their startup.

Main Challenge(s):

Felix Gray was in need of SEO optimization while scaling-up to gain a competitive advantage. Luckily, the Felix Gray team had prior experience in website development and good technical knowledge, so Victorious only needed to focus on the most critical

Agency Solution(s):

To achieve the results desired by Felix Gray, Victorious focused on SEO and “a holistic buyer strategy to attract the most qualified, interested leads to the site.” The steps implemented to fulfill this strategy included: SEO buyer personas and keyword theming, SEO information architecture optimization, schema markup, and site-wide SEO optimization.


The results achieved by Victorious relating to the SEO ranking and site traffic of Felix Gray were inspiring. There was a 203% increase in qualified organic traffic, going from unranked keywords to first-page keyword status, 1,524 targeted keyword placement growth, and 446 new keywords associated the site increased in ranking.