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The goal – to develop a progressive web application with a subscription-based audio streaming service targeted at women.


Backend | Frontend | UI & UX design + workshops

The Client

The client was a German startup on a mission to revolutionise female pleasure in the DACH countries. They wanted to develop a progressive web application with a subscription-based audio streaming service with erotic stories targeted at women.

The Challenge

The client has done extensive user research, in which through user interviews and focus groups they managed to understand the problem space and discover where they could find the value for their users. Based on this knowledge and their experience, they partnered up with EL Passion to refine the application concept and then actually design and build it.

EL Passion

In order to recognise the needs of femtasy, we proposed them a session of two workshops: Design Workshop and Scoping Session. It enabled the client to get to know our team and all the necessary information to assure the project’s success and kick off it quickly. We custom-designed two workshops for femtasy, which we conducted in our office.

Design Workshop

The first workshop was focused on analysing the target audience through empathy maps and reviewing the client’s research findings. This activity led us to create 2 personas for femtasy’s users and deep dive into their needs, problems and sensual experiences. This helped us build the characters of the users and define a high-level customer journey for the application. To finish the session with tangible outputs for the next stages of the project, we conducted a Design Studio – focused ideation activity to explore concepts for particular components of the application. We focused on the most problematic areas from the user’s perspective – steps in the journey which could be difficult mostly on an emotional level.

Scoping Session

During the second workshop, EL Passion team worked on a detailed customer journey, where all the steps of the user’s journey were listed, along with decision trees and prioritisation for future steps. This helped us prioritise the development backlog created by the client. Within a couple of productive hours, we have built the initial product backlog for 3 versions of the application, trying to prioritise the features to provide maximum value for the users.


Both workshops streamlined the whole design process and allowed us to leverage the client’s knowledge and our expertise to kick-start the project with a solid foundation and a sharp focus in mind. It helped us cut the time spent on establishing the details of the cooperation, user journey and let us start working on first screens right after the second workshop finished.