FiD Technologies 3D Animated Explainer Video Case Study

Verstiuk Production
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FiD is the first decentralized Biometrics-as-a-Service platform that provides 100% secure and near-instant facial recognition.

The Client

FiD Technologies is the first decentralized Biometrics-as-a-Service (BaaS) system operating on the blockchain.

The company uses advanced facial recognition and machine learning tools to identify and authenticate the user during transactions, for example, as customers are purchasing goods and services.

Prior to its blockchain iteration, the FiD technologies had been in business for 17 years, powering over 200 corporate clients, such as Samsung, Coca-Cola, and NEC.

The Problem

Because FiD Technologies has been so successful in the past, the transition towards blockchain had to be challenging. They knew they will meet skepticism and it will be hard to explain this transformation.

The main challenge with this project was that FiD needed to target not one, but three different audiences with a single video – investor companies, merchants, and individual users.

Each of the audience segments has its own interests and concerns that had to be addressed.

Our Solution

Our solution was to produce a two-minute explainer video that would address all of the main concerns of the three involved parties.

We chose a render-heavy visual style that would reflect the complexity behind the technology. Using 3D has allowed us to show the futuristic aspect of the blockchain innovation.

By recapping the history of the company, we provided a sense of acknowledgment for the past and current investors. We’ve also explained the future ecosystem to attract new partners and users.

Production time – 8 weeks.