FinTech Project Monitoring and Analytics Platform

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An outline of how EVOCODE produced a digital transformation for a humanitarian-oriented client

The client had to digitize a humanitarian project and make data-driven decisions when providing financial support to farmers. We delivered the platform that made it possible.

The Challenge

Our client embarked on a noble humanitarian mission to uplift over 100 farms encompassing over 8,000 employees across Africa. The goal was to enhance their business acumen and operational capabilities through a comprehensive three-year educational program. This initiative aimed to equip farmers with essential skills in finance, marketing, and management to foster more effective business operations.

The primary objective was to identify farms that demonstrated the most significant progress in their business development and extend financial support to empower them further. Access to financial resources would enable these farm owners to implement their newfound knowledge and foster business growth.

To manage this intricate process, a digital transformation was imperative. Our client required a robust system to oversee training sessions, track farm development, and gain real-time insights into the project’s progress for informed decision-making.

The Solution

Upon gaining a profound understanding of the three-year program’s intricacies and key performance indicators, our expert team devised a comprehensive solution. We meticulously crafted a mockup and detailed specification, encompassing all the client’s requirements.

Our solution enabled us to collect detailed information about farms and their workforce, while also facilitating the registration of training sessions. All of this data was seamlessly presented on an intuitive dashboard featuring key program indicators.

As a cornerstone, each farm received an automatically calculated score based on an array of 67 financial and operational metrics. This allowed project managers to closely monitor training sessions and gauge their impact on each farm’s score over time.

The Results

Our team delivered a platform that not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations. The platform empowered the client’s team to efficiently manage their educational programs without the need for additional project managers, all while maintaining uncompromised quality.

The comprehensive dashboard consolidated data from various sources, providing project managers with real-time insights into project progress. This data-driven approach facilitated informed decisions when selecting farms eligible for financial aid, empowering them to grow their businesses sustainably.

We continue to collaborate closely with our client, continually enhancing the platform with new features to make it even more potent. Additionally, our ongoing technical support and IT consultancy allow our client’s team to stay focused on their vital humanitarian project.