Ford x Montreal Canadiens 360 Immersive Walkthrough Space

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Ford Canada and the Montreal Canadiens hockey team virtual walkthrough interactive stadium experience campaign during the pandemic.

The Challenge

Ford Canada, which is one of the main sponsors of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team ran into unforeseen problems running their partnership during the pandemic as most of the in-person activations were unexpectedly ended. BitX and Takeaway Reality worked with Cinco, the agency that manages the partnership to deliver a reimagined online dimension to the partnership.

Before the pandemic

Ford was sponsoring the Montreal Canadiens. Previously, the activations focused on activities before and after the matches. This included a high number of in-person activities such as giveaways, stadium experiences, and much more.

The pandemic challenge

In 2020, as the pandemic was gaining momentum it became clear that most of the in-person activations will not be feasible anymore. Cinco as the agency that managed the partnership reacted rapidly and contacted Takeaway Reality and BitX. As experts in the metaverse space, we built a variety of different activations in the space, and we were determined to help Ford and the Canadiens redefine sports partnerships by introducing a new way of watching, interacting, and enjoying the stadium and all of the content inside it.

The Solution – Immersive Web Space

The solution was to create a 360 Immersive web space. We worked on a space that combined a variety of 360 images into a virtual walkthrough of the Montreal Canadiens stadium. The ice rink featured a variety of experiences that the user could interact with. These experiences included AR experiences, as well as games and quizzes. One of the most popular was the virtual item store where users could win real items in a game that allowed them to put virtual copies of real merchandise in their basket. Another experience included an AR view of the Ford Bronco, a walkthrough of the Canadiens locker room, etc.

Dedication to accessibility

The entire experience was created so that it could run on a website. On mobile as well as PCs, laptops, and all other devices that support an internet browser (such as Chrome).
The AR and gamified experiences were all accessible through mobile and/or website ensuring a frictionless user experience.


The Result – Further Experiences

It is an understatement that the fan reaction was incredibly positive. The technology part worked smoothly and seamlessly. Cinco created the same concept across the board, the 360 immersive space became a brand, and the architecture was used in other projects later. The users loved the activations and engaged with them far beyond the regular expected times.

Further experiences

Our collaboration with Ford and Cinco extended further to cover the Edmonton Oilers and create an experience for their fans. For the Oilers audience, we collaborated on an experience focused on a 360 view of the Ford Hall in Edmonton.