Foundation High Horology – Redesign of the Platform

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Creation of a hub content.

Creation of a content-hub including artificial intelligence, gathering the whole FHH contents and services and generating customized contents.

Create synergy between FHH websites in order to improve the client’s path.

Monetizing the foundation’s clockmaking knowledge through contents and services distribution to its partners (FAQ, chatbot, webinars, etc.).


Bring a stable logical to the brand FHH to increase its reach worldwide by redesigning its platform in a consistent content hub.

Turn digital into a long-term source of income for the foundation.


  • Graphic redesign
  • System Design
  • API-first development
  • Cross-content logical and advice engine
  • Cronos, the AI at the heart of the content-hub, at the service of users


  • Symfony 4


  • Make FHH the connection between yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s innovation
  • Turn FHH into an international key reference of Haute Horlogerie
  • Reach professionals targets, collectors and students
  • A unique promise and identity but nonetheless multi-services
  • A modular and scalable platform
  • FHH « As a Service » | support the foundation in a service and business approach