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Gauss Development
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Futti is the platform for managing internal sales processes providing great sales automatization and comfortable purchase.

B2B eCommerce

B2B system requires excellent organization and extreme mapping out information necessary to the user and then dividing that into sections. We’ve put some enthusiasm and creativity into the whole story.

Product Matrix

The menu is easily recognizable, having fewer items, while all the attention is on the matrix order table. The full-width format for rich horizontal filters along the top of the site engage the user and redefine navigation.

Product Status

The product status information tags are distinctive in colors but compatible with a central color scheme covering two necessary requirements; instant information access and good display on various screens.

Collections Interface

Orange being full of joy and sunshine makes a perfect call to action. Non-standard collections interface in a tab, simply put, increase purchase simplicity. The final interface has simplified data, automatized the process and minimized the effort for B2B clients in a very appealing way.

We bring inspired ideas and unique approach to every project, which is why our clients love our design.