Game of Thrones Facebook App

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A Facebook app with the possibility to customize and publish the photos taken at a physical event Neuralab coordinated to take pictures of fans.


The marketing director of HBO Adria contacted Neuralab with the request to create a Facebook app for the upcoming start of the new season of the hit show Game of Thrones.



An iron throne like the one in the show was meant to be exhibited at a public location, where fans could come, sit on the throne and take photos. The idea was to create an app that would contain all of the taken photos, giving the fans the ability to modify their photos by changing the background or adding a Game of Thrones quote.

The goal was for them to receive additional value other than just taking the photos themselves. Finally, they would publish the photo from our app to compete for the best photo, creating social buzz.


The scope of involvement

Neuralab coordinated the event and created the app, as well as organized picture snapping of the fans on the spot. In addition to the app, Neuralab also recorded interaction with the fans and asked for feedback about the show while fans were sitting on the throne. The end result was a mash-up of the fans’ experience and the whole interaction with the app, which would later be used for our internal presentations as well as social media on the brand’s fan page. 

Krešimir [CEO, Neuralab] coordinated the whole event within the team. Bruno [Head of Motion Pictures Department, Neuralab] was in charge of taking photos as well as video production. A couple of other team members were helping at the event, as well as the developers working on the app.

Who found whom?

The marketing director of HBO knew the guys from Neuralab through university and followed their work and the development of the agency. At that time, Facebook apps were fresh, and there was no doubt that Neuralab was familiar with the latest trends in social media as well as the digital world. A final glance at Neuralab’s portfolio sealed the deal.

The cost

The cost was around $3,000.

The status

The project was finished in 8 days in 2014.


Evidence that demonstrates the impact of the finished work

The results were really pleasing. Neuralab was very flexible and willing to engage in the project. Deadlines were very important and the team delivered and followed up on everything that was agreed upon. We had a common goal to succeed.

The quality of the app, from the design perspective to the functionality and how it was programmed, was very good. Fans of Game of Thrones and HBO themselves, they went the extra mile and were enthusiastic.

The performance of the app was measured by the overall activity and comments on social media, how many people applied for the content, and the reach gained. Fans’ feedback was fantastic.

From the project management standpoint

The event was ad hoc without much time to react – but everything went smoothly. The cooperation was good and the common goal was to find the best solution in a short time period. Although it was very intense, it was productive, and there was good chemistry between the HBO team and Neuralab team.

The most impressive part

It’s a small team of big enthusiasts that cover a wide scale of skills, knowledge, and capability in the digital environment. They are on top of new trends and transfer that into the local market. They are problem solvers good at multitasking.