Gamify the Stock Trading Learning Process

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An outline of how Rikkeisoft created a football-themed stock trading app for a Japanese client

The Challenge

Idea Realization – Football-themed Stock Trading App

The client wanted to create an app that would tie stock trading with football management. Through the app, companies would be represented as players, which would allow users to buy, sell, and trade stocks like managers, enabling real-time fluctuations and connections with others.

Functionality Changes

Because the project was in its early stages, the app’s infrastructure was prone to changes, which made it difficult for developers to build advanced parts of the app.

The Solution

AWS-based Infrastructure

The team built the sales platform on Amazon Web Services, a computing service with over 200 tools, which allowed for easy solution-finding and adaptability to project changes.

Football Management-like App

As required by the client, we created a stock trading mobile app which had the appearance of a football manager game. Within the application, users can:

  • purchase, sell and trade stocks, both as simulations and in real life
  • have detailed gain/loss reports
  • build up their asset portfolio, with evaluations updated in real-time
  • compare and compete with other traders through expansive social functions.

Time and Material Contract

The project was executed under a time and material contract, based on man hours and resources. The contract provided a realistic scope and accounted for changes in the development process.

The Result

Rikkeisoft’s app received positive feedback, which led to user communities in Japanese stock investing circles sharing company teams and rankings. The client’s development team now excels in professionalism and flexibility.