Gaming Experiences With the Curry King

Appetite Creative
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Our friends at Shazam wanted to do something special…


What we wanted was a set of games that would show make sure that foster healthy, friendly competition. We wanted to show that the makers of the most popular snack around were seen as current. With a brand new microwave offered as the prize, we also needed to find a way to collect relevant data that we could feedback to the client. It had to look amazing, it had to look authentic, and it had to work.


We designed and animated the CurryKing character himself and made him the star of three bespoke mini-games. Users needed to scan the pack and have an augmented reality experience jump out and entice them to choose to play one of four games or choose to take a selfie with the King himself to share it.

As important as offering the gamers an instant share button was offering our client an instant download button so that they may see and analyse the vast amounts of data, as a CSV or google slides doc.


In our back end, we recorded a whole hot of important user data. We recorded more than 420k users engaged with the gaming experiences, with an average game time of 3.5 minutes.

After three months, the client requested an extension, and included an incentive of a swanky new microwave to heat the Curry King Snack, our teams were rightly proud, and we are still playing the games ourselves.

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