GBX Digital Internet Reputation Management Case Studies

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A collection of various case studies GBX Digital did for Internet or Online Reputation Management clients.


A Successful Physician with an Accompanying Professional Practice

Our client has had a distinguished career as a practicing expert in a specialty field of medicine requiring a total of twelve years of niche training. He has gone on to build a thriving practice that provided quality, expert care to scores of critically injured and challenged individuals requiring top-notch medical expertise.


Our client suffered from several anonymous defamatory posts displayed within Google. These postings damaged his ability to receive referrals from other treating physicians and maintain the confidence of new client referrals. This resulted in a loss of revenue and severe personal angst and suffering. Furthermore, despite the falsity of the claims made by the negative, anonymous posts, our client was rendered unable to respond due to the HIPAA restrictions put in place to protect patient confidentiality.


Our team was led by the client in an effort to establish appropriate semantic positioning for use across all existing external platforms as well as platforms yet to be created. We then provided the client with a schedule that corresponds with the first 2 months of the Inoculation Campaign. As discussed during the Kickoff Call and subsequent conversations, this “Phase: 1” of the Campaign focused on the optimization of numerous existing external platforms and their relevant web content.

Our experienced experts performed exhaustive research, studying all the negative and defamatory information targeting our client in order to create the most strategic approach to clear the client’s reputation and sustain the pristine search results that the Campaign has brought.

Our experts then initiated an extended plan of attack, launching a sophisticated GBX Digital IRM campaign consisting of compelling content, micro sites, business profiles, press releases micro blogs, high level search engine optimization, linking and proprietary reputation management tactics and strategies to build a strong firewall to protect against future assaults.


Cleared 3+ pages of SERPs (Search engine Result pages) for the 2 key phrases targeted in the campaign. No further difficulties with respect to potential partners and clients.

Additional exposure and content for potential partners and investors to make business decisions as it relates to future or ongoing relationships with our client.

As a result of the campaign we were able to expand the client’s brand and solidify the reach of the client’s name.