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Gdje.hr Redesign and Sales Implementation Process

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The Fit Planet company from Croatia was struggling with its sales, presentation and overall performance.

About the Project

The Fit Planet company from Croatia was struggling with overall performance of its project, gdje.hr. On the one hand, they had an old and non-responsive website, and on the other hand, their sales team was not educated enough to engage in cold calls, cold meetings, and almost any kind of presentation. So we prepared the following:

  • new design concept + mobile ready look (of course)
  • education on fear management and sales process
  • the new strategy and overall marketing plan to sell their services (mini websites, small landing pages and in general, a new marketplace concept, where supply and demand meet)

Our Work

The first and essential part was a redesign. The old site was poorly built in PHP, so quickly, we switched to WordPress (Premium location theme) while at the same time, we built a new logo and implemented new visual elements.

Our copywriting team made sure that the content was persuasive, fresh, modern and written in a way to attract customers to buy Gdje.hr’s services.

The next logical step was setting the price, which was 365 kuna per year, the sum at the same time translates to 1 kuna per day, very persuasive and convenient.

Finally, before introducing the new strategy and market approach, we educated the whole Fit Planet team on basic, intermediate, and advanced sales processes and methods to create leads and convert them to customers.


A year before, they were able to sell 98 yearly package deals, while the price was 750 kuna. With the redesign and new approach, strategy and price, plus substantial education, they were able to sell 1200 yearly package deals (365 kuna per package), while at the same time and with our help, they managed to strike a deal with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce too, which opened many doors.

In the end, regarding the site visits, we managed to bring the monthly visitors from 180/day to 2.600 (approx) per day. Google AdSense kicked in here too.