Ghent Altarpiece

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The Adloonix team launched multichannel advertising to encourage people to sign up or donate for an opportunity to participate in the Ghent Altarpiece Together program. As a result, it was possible to confirm many hypotheses, find a target audience and set up the successful ads campaigns.

About the Project:

Adloonix was happy to collaborate with to enhance the ad campaign of the Ghent Altarpiece Together global art project. The project was originally started by Ukrainian artist Oksana Mas, and is called ArtTogether.

Main Challenge(s):

The main challenge was to reduce the cost of conversion and the cost per clicks on the campaign. The reason cost needed to be reduced is because this project was always meant to be global, and the target audience ranges in the millions, which can become extremely costly.

Agency Solution(s):

First, buyer personas were crafted for the target audiences, and the social media marketing strategy was focused toward reaching these audience personas.


2 2 million 0,003 € 0,26 €
target audiences
are found
people reached cost per click
decreased from 4 € to
cost per lead
decreased from 250 € to