Girls’ Rights Platform: Teaming up With Plan International

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This platform is the worlds’ most comprehensive human rights database focused on girls’ rights.

About the Project

In 2017, Plan International invited us to host a workshop where we got acquainted with their goals and aspirations. It became clear that they have an ambitious project in their minds. We left Geneva fully on board with their agenda, highly assured we can help them convey their message and ultimately change the conditions of girls around the globe.

Building the Platform

Girls’ Rights Platform consists of 4 main features: “Database”, “Reports and Factsheets”, “Quiz” and “Debate Watch”. “Database” — the hearth of this platform — is the worlds’ most comprehensive human rights database focused on girls’ rights. We mapped the paragraphs of the documents, so the user can quickly browse through the vast database and access desired information. The main duties of the database include simplification of negotiation processes, fact-checks, protection of negotiated achievements, and improvement of legal language usage.

The second section, “Reports and Factsheets”, keeps Plan International’s publications and documentation in one place, allowing the users to read a short description or easily download full reports in all available languages.

Adding interactivity increases the usefulness and memorability of the website and its content. For that reason, we enriched the platform with the quiz. Producing everything from concept to integration, we contacted Else Engel, human rights expert, and consultant, for content creation. This sleek learning tool is divided into 6 modules and it guides girls’ rights advocates through a series of questions. Once the user selects either the wrong or the right answer, a detailed explanation of the issue is provided.

Envisioned as an adaptation of the UN monitoring process for the digital times, “Debate Watch” is a unique way for advocates to defend, protect and promote girls’ rights. Development started after we were requested to create an easily-accessible and accurate monitoring tool so that states can be held accountable for their past commitments. In the back-end, it acts as a data collection tool where UN meeting reports and relevant statements from officials are uploaded or pinpointed on UN webcast. The front-end is a data-comparison tool, where users can monitor how many times, and in what context girls’ rights are mentioned by UN officials.

Raising Awareness of Girls’ Rights

We are very proud to set up this unique one-stop-shop on the topic of girls’ rights. It is mainly used by activists, policy-makers, academics, civil society, and everyone aspiring to bring girls’ rights to the forefront of the international agenda.