GoldToe #MoreThanPretty

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GOLDTOE came to HireInfluence looking to engage key athletic influencers in target demographics to promote GOLDTOE athletic socks.


GOLDTOE came to HireInfluence looking to engage key athletic influencers in target demographics to promote GOLDTOE athletic socks and engage audiences about the versatile qualities of the GOLDTOE brand. GOLDTOE is known for being much more than your typical sock, it is a high-quality, high-performing sock. The HireInfluence team set out to create an engaging campaign that would align the brand with high performing athletic influencers that, like GOLDTOE, were much more than what meets the eye.


HireInfluence created a high power female-focused campaign that sought to inspire and educate audiences on their athletic sock choices! The campaign kicked off with 12 top female athletes on Instagram who took their audiences through their lives to showcase how they are #MoreThanPretty through the sharing of their workouts while highlighting the functionality of the GOLDTOE socks and the role they play in helping to support their fitness all the while demonstrating the brand’s #MoreThanPretty style, comfort, and versatility. The campaign showed that the socks are not only aesthetically pleasing in design and color, but they are also high performing, durable, and of amazing quality.

Influencer Creation

HireInfluence hand-selected, vetted and activated a group of 12 diverse millennial Instagram influencers who were high-performing female athletes. These influencers had followings in the micro (25-100K), high-impact (100-300K), and celeb (1M+) ranges, allowing us to focus on deep engagement in every category. Influencers exhibited their tough exterior, work-out routines, and what made them ‘more than pretty,’ aligning with GOLDTOE’s core athletic sock consumer.

Campaign Execution

This inspirational campaign connected GOLDTOE with bold faces and athletes that accomplish! Each athlete showcased content wearing GOLDTOE’s #MoreThanPretty functional socks while sharing a personal story about what makes them more than what meets the eye. The influencers went into detail about the importance of looking past the surface; for GOLDTOE – its function is to care for the feet of our toughest female athletes. Through Instagram Stories, influencers reinforced GOLDTOE’s qualities by showcasing their favorite work-out routines while wearing GOLDTOE socks.

Through a creative blend of empowering stories, motivating work-outs and amazing imagery delivered through the Instagram feed and Instagram Stories, the campaign brought an alignment between the GOLDTOE brand and top tier female athletes as the best option for durability, comfortability, and flexibility.


Impressions: 33M

Engagement: 1.4M

CPE: $0.035

Influencers: 12