Gonesh Incense: Social Media Branding and Messaging

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Gonesh Incense social media marketing designs with people in various yoga poses

Genieco was looking to increase its audience base and generate sales of its GONESH® incense across new markets in the U.S.

About the Project:

The goal was to bring incense into the mainstream and promote more common use among broader consumer groups. Finding a way to overcome the stigmas typically associated with incense burning and reach a wider range of consumers were key challenges. Strengthening the brand’s online presence was also important in order to build a larger audience base to market to in the future.


To gain insight into the marketplace and learn about the perception and behaviors of incense users, we created and executed in-depth online consumer surveys of key demographics nationwide. This data was used to determine accurate strategy and messaging direction for a new campaign designed to reach new audiences.


The campaign helped double GONESH’s Facebook fan base in only three months, and more than triple its social following within nine months. Today, those numbers continue to grow, as do the brand’s national sales.

In fact, the demographic research and success of the online campaign has led to the development of an entirely new brand for Genieco. We worked to create the name, the look, the feel, the messaging, and the launch strategy for the new brand—GONESH® SPARKZ Sticks.