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About the Project:

GoodCellas, a new entrant to the used cell-phone resale market had previously proven themselves by earning a 99% satisfaction rating on Amazon from 475 reviews. From this point, they asked Huemor to help them in creating their own Magento eCommerce website for cell-phone sales and trade-ins.

Main Challenge(s):

The main challenge of this project was to create a site that not only allows sales from the business to the customer while also allowing customers to trade in (sell) their phones to GoodCellas on the site. Therefore, the site needed to be optimized in a way that is not common in a typical eCommerce site, to focus on two main methods of user interaction.

Agency Solution(s):

To reduce the complexity of the project, the firm broke the job down into the most critical aspects. This allowed Huemor to focus on what was truly important. The site’s main design focus was to look good while still guiding the majority of the customer’s attention towards the phones. The site allows users to select the phone they want by color, make, model, brand, and price, within 5 clicks. Although, the bright colors that may have been distracting were muted other than the brand’s color blue.


The site was still complex, which required a few different iterations of the final site design to be created. The large amount of complexity resulted in only the most intuitive and helpful elements of the user interface to be implemented in the final product.