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A snapshot of how newage trained clients from an advertising agency to use the latest Google marketing tools.

We talk a lot about the Google Marketing Platform, and there are two reasons for this: firstly, it includes incredibly cool tools; and secondly, as certified partners, we have a good understanding of these tools. However, if you want to delve deeper into the possibilities for advertisers, we can also help with that. In this case study, we will share how we trained our client, an advertising agency from Kazakhstan, enabling them to expand their expertise, and how we prepared 15 specialists for advertising projects with Display & Video 360.

The Challenge

Our long-time partner, Webcom, one of the largest advertising agencies in Kazakhstan, approached us. They understood that GMP tools can greatly enhance the capabilities of an advertising agency and wanted their young employees to learn more about Display & Video 360 (DV360). At the same time, their more experienced employees wanted to update their knowledge and catch up with the latest features.

The Solution

Upon receiving the task, we faced our first challenge. We had to train both technical specialists directly involved in setting up advertising campaigns and those working with clients, such as project managers and sales managers. Despite the different audiences, we managed to find a balance and develop a course consisting of 6 lectures. The course focused on the possibilities of DV360 and how to implement them directly in the tool.


The client approached us well in advance, notifying us in December about their intention to train employees in March. This gave us enough time to prepare and finalize the course program without any stress from any side.

In general, the preparation time for training varied from individual to individual, as it depended on the desired program, the number of tools that had to be explained, and the depth of immersion in the material.

Training Plan Creation

The course consisted of 6 online lectures, each lasting 60-90 minutes.

First, we provided a general overview of the Google Marketing Platform and gave an introduction to all the included tools. Because the client was primarily interested in DV360, we focused on the integration of the tool with other tools. We specifically emphasized the use of dynamic creatives through Creative Studio and the ability to measure the delayed effect of advertising with Campaign Manager.

A separate lecture was dedicated to analytics and measuring the effectiveness of advertising, including our proprietary methodology called Comprehensive Analysis.

Preparation of Practical and Homework Assignments

Half of the course consisted of workshops, practical sessions on how to work directly in the program. They were most beneficial for technical specialists who could simply enter the service and replicate our actions as needed. However, even those who work with clients learned new nuances of media advertising in DV360 during these workshops.

In particular, we introduced Webcom colleagues to creating a tactical strategy and media plan using the built-in capabilities of DV360. We also went through all the steps of launching an advertising campaign, describing the peculiarities of structure, targeting options, and advanced settings (bidding, goals, optimization strategies, etc).

Conducting Lectures

Introductory lectures on the capabilities of GMP in general and DV360 in particular were delivered by a certified Google Marketing Platform trainer, CEO of newage, Alexander Rol’sky. He also participated in reviewing homework assignments and provided feedback. The workshops in the practical part were conducted by senior and middle specialists from newage. Specifically, Dmitry Konovalenko, the Head of Media Planning, discussed media planning and strategy, while Alexey Krupko, a Middle Traffic Manager, demonstrated the direct steps of launching an advertising campaign (which is one of his daily tasks at newage).

Training was conducted twice a week, allowing participants to take the course without interrupting their main work. They had time to digest the lecture material before moving on to the next module.


In total, approximately 15 people completed the course, and we awarded them with our own participation certificates. Unfortunately, due to the war in Ukraine, we were unable to personally congratulate the students, but we hope to make up for it in the future.

However, the main outcome is the knowledge gained by our participants during the training. Project managers and sales managers now have a deeper understanding of the product and can explain its features more effectively to clients. Technical specialists are more likely to pass Google certification exams for working with DV360.

Additionally, we are currently planning a joint campaign with this partners, utilizing DV360 for another client. At the time of writing this case study, the campaign has not been launched yet but is ready for launch.

Client’s Feedback

A very cool, comprehensive and practical course. It will easily suit both specialists who already work with the DV360 platform and beginners who are just starting to learn about the platform.

It is very cool that the course not only allowed you to refresh your knowledge, but also gave a lot of useful information about chips and the full scope of the service’s capabilities, which you can also consolidate with a visual example. And for marketers who just want to start learning about the platform, as well as the service, in a short time, it will be just that.

We thank the newage. speakers for their professionalism and cool training.

Head of the Client Department Webcom
Evgenia Kornyshko