Grohe Pumping Branding

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How to drive as much traffic as possible in one month time to promote GROHE’s new and disruptive platform

Grohe Pumping branding case study. This one is sweet and simple.

This campaign’s target was to drive as much traffic as possible in one month’s time to and in order to promote GROHE’s new and disruptive platform for building professionals, architects and building materials merchants.

We decided to go with Facebook and the region’s biggest classified portal and marketplace leader with over 50% reach on the market, Njuskalo in order to ensure the best possible traffic/branding ratio. Because why not work on branding while driving traffic right?

To achieve that, we needed attractive and engaging creatives. GROHE’s team did a great job in that field so the whole campaign was a great success.


It was so successful that GROHE achieved all its digital marketing targets for the whole year in only one month of campaigning!

Next Steps

Next is to concentrate on SEO optimization and SEO articles in order to drive targeted traffic for all GROHE’s strategic products and solutions.

We have the feeling this one will be an even greater success story!

“The Blueprint team is simple, professional, client and goal-oriented. Big recommendation!“

Martina Džoja Barišić, Leader, Marketing South East Europe, LIXIL EMENA