Guarda Wallet

Evercode Lab
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Guarda Wallet: a secure crypto wallet that allows the exchange, earning and buying of Bitcoin and other digital assets. The Evercode Lab team quickly developed 4 crypto wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Gold.


Guarda needed a reliable blockchain developer to build the wallets based on Android. The wallets had to be simple and convenient to use while offering a high level of security.


Every Guarda wallet has a similar interface, both intuitive and minimalistic. Evercode Lab partnered with the Guarda team to build four mobile apps with no information noise at all. Eventually, we left a small number of texts and prompts to guide users through the process.


All crypto wallets created by Evercode Lab do not store and do not process the end-user funds. All private data is stored on the local storage and can only be obtained on the client-side, transmission of transaction data occurs over encrypted connections. Guarda’s wallets look much like a good mobile bank.

Client Feedback

‘Evercode Lab is a perfect outsourcing option if one needs to develop a blockchain solution. They offer a decent Agile approach, productive iterations, and responsiveness together with Great coding skills and blockchain expertise’.