HalPet’s Custom E-Learning Platform Development

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An e-learning platform that focuses on business skills training, branding and website development. Regular customer support and system maintenance.

The Background

HalPet specializes in education management, providing business language training for resident and nonresident professionals. The choice of languages is wide, depending on what our clients need to work on.

The company was founded in 1997. In 2013, HalPet created their own teaching method called LPC, which became the foundation of all of the teaching and training programs. LPC stands for Learn-Practice-Communicate. The programs are done in classrooms, but there are also online or blended programs offered.

The Challenge

HalPet requested the design of a custom-made LMS [Learning Management System] based on their LPC method. After several unsuccessful engagements with other IT companies, HalPet needed a vendor who could understand their needs, could follow through, and work closely together in order to get the product done.

The Solution

The scope of involvement

In 2013, Neuralab built the first version of HalPet’s LMS from scratch using LearnDash and WordPress. This version is still in operation and has proven to be a very reliable platform. Neuralab then built the second version of the LMS in 2016 and launched it in 2017. The second version of the LMS was created only because the first version was not adaptable to all devices. Neuralab also did the branding for the first and second versions of LPC and built our company website in 2014, then rebuilt it from October 2016–March 2017. Neuralab also developed the first Croatian education webshop in 2016.

Currently, Neuralab’s customer support is practically working with HalPet daily to continually upgrade the system and ensure that is it operating smoothly.

Who found whom?

Neuralab was recommended by one of HalPet’s clients. Having met with different providers, the meeting with Neuralab was the most promising. They were interested in HalPet and willing to understand what was needed. They made suggestions, were very flexible and gave an acceptable initial offer.

The cost

The cost of the services was around $50,000.

Results & Feedback

Evidence that demonstrates the impact of the work

Thanks to the product that was created in cooperation with Neuralab, HalPet could transfer 20% of their language programs online in 2014. This reduced the operating costs in the first year by 15% – a percentage that increases every year, by an additional 4% in 2015 and another 5 % in 2016. HalPet’s profits go up every year due to the applications and platforms.

In 2015, the company received an award for the best e-learning program delivered to a Croatian national company. This award also had a great impact on the sales. The products created in partnership with Neuralab make HalPet unique in the regional market, allowing them to offer high-quality education services and support through technologically advanced platforms. The platform also enables HalPet to offer B2B and B2C products internationally, which opens a new set of opportunities.

From a project management standpoint

Neuralab’s communication skills are excellent. HalPet and Neuralab used Zendesk, email, Google Docs, and meetings.

What was most impressive?

Neuralab’s team is creative and ready for challenges—they are constantly learning, developing, and growing. They try hard to understand clients who do not come from an IT background and provide them with the best service. They are there when they are needed.