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Halsa life mobile app displayed on generic white smartphone with white background

The Halsa Life app enables users to connect with the medical professionals closest to their location.

Main Challenge(s)

To make an effective medical app that has user-to-doctor communication capabilities meant creating a new method for connecting users to doctors. The main challenge was enabling doctors to select their availability to connect with users and to ensure that these connections were possible. Also, users needed to have the option to provide the doctors with illness and other medical information after the call so that doctors could review this information and provide advice.

Agency Solution(s)

Halsa.Life was brought to life to address the severe lack of quality medical record keeping apps currently on the market. It also was an opportunity to create an intuitive platform that connects app users to doctors in order to provide direct medical advice.

There are 2 main functionalities for doctors: to communicate with patients and provide them with feedback. We also include their professional information on the app (which is done to verify credibility).

Patients have 2 main functionalities: the ability to quickly connect with a doctor and the ability to keep track of their medical records all in one place. Based on these requirements, we’ve created a design system that makes it easy for users to interact with the app.

Halsa Life has two main goals: to streamline the medical record-keeping process for users and to introduce an interactive way for patients to communicate with doctors.


By creating an innovative calling feature, the app is able to connect users to doctors almost instantaneously. After the call, doctors can then review the user’s medical information and provide medical recommendations that then appear directly on the user’s account.