Haüskey Mobile App Development

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Through market research, UI/UX design, and road mapping, we re-evaluated Haüskey’s brand and gave them an edge in the real estate market.


Haüskey is a mobile app that creates a personalized, transparent, secure and cost-effective medium to help an individual through every step of a residential real estate transaction. Haüskey reinvents the way people buy and sell dream homes through a powerful AI-powered digital marketplace.

Surveying the Challenge Faced by Haüskey

Haüskey reinvents the way people find dream homes through a powerful AI-powered digital marketplace.

Despite an attractive underlying product, their drop-offs were too high while their conversions and engagement were too low. So Haüskey brought us in to re-evaluate their brand strategy and design an intuitive, feature-rich mobile app for people in the GTA condo market.

Embarking Haüskey’s future, they were also looking to expand their offering from purely pre-construction condos in order to further grow their business and wanted to leverage our market research expertise to give them an edge.

Drawing up a Blueprint

TheAppLabb’s data-driven innovative design philosophy was a perfect fit for Haüskey, whose asks involved understanding a plethora of user groups from all over the world.

We conducted extensive interviews and surveys of end-users, real estate agents, and company sales staff in order to glean insights and understand their pain points.

Then through an iterative process that combined our research with team-wide brainstorming sessions, we created comprehensive user journey maps that let us accurately target solutions to every step along that journey.

Laying the Foundation

Jakob’s Law states that since users spend most of their time on apps that aren’t yours, they want your app to work and feel like the ones they already know how to use. Our world-class design team understands just how true that is.

To capitalize on this paradigm, we analyzed a multitude of real estate apps, as well as websites and apps unrelated to real estate that Haüskey’s end users would be familiar with.

The analysis revealed a variety of trending features to benchmark. From there, we used tools such as the MoSCoW Method to avoid unnecessary bloat, then used our findings to create a design language and style guide that informed the rest of our process.

Framing the Solution for Haüskey

With the groundwork laid, we were able to innovate and improve the user journey in ways that nobody else was.

At the same time, we kept the app familiar enough to adhere to Jakob’s Law. To achieve this, we went through several levels of prototyping including paper sketches, low- and high-fidelity wireframes, and multiple rounds of usability testing before finalizing our designs.

The product features UX capabilities and UI elements we created revolving around the insights we gained throughout our process.

We also used our research prowess to help Haüskey develop a long-term product roadmap to expand their offering, allowing them to further realize their vision of becoming a digital real estate company that changes how people find the home of their dreams.

Outcome – Built With Care

We delivered a polished real estate mobile app for iOS and Android that elevates the user experience for anyone in the GTA real estate market and helped pave a clear path forward for Haüskey to expand.

Thanks to our work together, their team is now well-positioned to remodel how people find their ideal home.