Healthcare Platform Development

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End-to-end referral platform, designed to seamlessly and securely connect patients, healthcare providers etc.

About the Client

EpioneNet is an end-to-end referral platform, designed to seamlessly and securely connect patients, healthcare providers, facilities and funders from across the globe, promoting a coordinated and collaborative continuum of care for patients. The service allows patients to research physicians and book appointments; primary care clinicians — to increase the patient pool, search and refer to specialists, and monitor their patients’ journey; hospitals — to increase theatre utilization and reduce the paperwork; and much more.

Challenges and Objectives

Developing EpioneNet was a challenge in and of itself mostly because of the uniqueness of the system, unexplored market, and complex regulatory environment.

As follows, on the one hand, we had to figure out how to create an optimal system logic that would reliably serve a huge variety of different user roles Epione grants. On the other hand, we had to find our way around HealthCare regulations as well as create a platform that would cater to the local market well. Therefore, business analysts were crucial to the creation of the service as well.

Development of Epione was a tense but rewarding experience that elevated our expertise to new levels.

Results is a reliable digital platform that adheres to the standards imposed by the African HealthCare regulatory environment and offers a broad specter of service to patients and healthcare specialists and establishments.


PHP, Angular, JavaScript


WebStorm, phpstorm