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Heberi is an online booking platform for hotels and travel.

Heberi – An ASP.NET MVC Online Booking Platform

Heberi is an online booking platform for hotels and travel. Clients can book hotels, cruise journey, short and long trips and much more. Overall it makes your life much easier as you can plan a vacation or trip just by a few clicks from your desktop or mobile phone.

Client’s Objective

Our client came to us with a motive of building a web portal for real estate marketing site similar to www.makaan.com with some add on features. The client initially wanted a website for property booking only in which customers can book online property such as apartments, bungalows for renting and selling.

Initial Communication

As the client wanted a property booking site, we suggested him another leading property booking site which is http://www.holidaylettings.co.uk which is a holiday rental website. We suggested the client build a website like that.

  • We created an SOW document as per client’s requirements.
  • We discussed with the client about what kind of features are available in front end and back end.

How Did NCode Help?

We went through the client’s requirement and after a detailed study, our experts completed the development as per the SOW document. The client wanted to add exciting new features in the site such as hotel rooms registration, cruise journey, short and long trips, shops and tours and travel agents, etc.

we created a dynamic, responsive and feature-filled website which is easy to use and gives a good overall user experience.


We faced the following challenges while developing this project but with our expertise and experience in this field, we successfully overcame the challenges and worked on creating a successful website.

The most challenging part was the complex calculation of commission of the property owners/property partners/travel agents/ service providers etc which can be transferred to them with just a single click. We enabled this feature in the site to make it easier for the admin as they can transfer the money without any manual calculation.


We wanted to make sure that the booking experience for the customers is flawless and user-friendly so we added many features which make the site complete and responsive.

We enable the following features on the website to meet the client’s expectations and requirements:

  • The website was developed in 8 different languages which are English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.
  • We gave the freedom to the property owners. They can manage their property, hotel, cruise, shop and tour details. They can also set the available dates.
  • Users can book property, hotels, cruise journey, shops and tours using this platform from the comfort of their homes with just a few clicks from their phones or laptops.
  • User can find the property, hotels, cruise journey, shops, and tours, etc by locations, dates, facilities and multiple other information related to the property they are interested in.
  • The property owner can do email marketing for their property, shops, hotels and other property in particular locations.
  • Property owners can set commission for travel agents and property partners directly from the website with just one click.
  • Property owners can decide and make changes in the fare per person and the fare for children etc for hotels and other properties.
  • Serviced providers can set their commission on each booking.
  • There is a feature in the site which lets the users and property owners communicate with each other.
  • There is a feature of newsletter email marketing in the site.
  • The users can share the property they are interested in with their friends and family.