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Herba Nutrition was going from strength to strength with their paid advertising, seeing an increase in revenue month by month. Our Google Ads strategy was taking care of them nicely, but the team was missing a lot of potential when it comes to organic visitors.

Put simply, their SEO game needed work, and we were only too happy to help out. We had to start from scratch with Herba Nutrition’s search engine optimisation, but it gave us a chance to show off our skills.

E-Commerce SEO

Herbalife keywords are notoriously difficult to rank for, with thousands of competitors for each, so we needed to take our time to develop an optimisation strategy that worked for them.

Firstly, we set up tracking codes to effectively monitor their traffic and conversions. Having a digital marketing strategy is nothing without analytics, so this was a top priority for us. Then, we took an in-depth look at their competitors, analysed how they were driving traffic and ranking.

Regular site audits highlighted key issues within Herba Nutrition’s web pages that needed attention, including improving the descriptive content for product listings and internal linking. User intent is a huge part of our work with this organisation, as consumers need to not only click on content but be engaged by it and be impressed by it. A big majority of our SEO content work was tailored towards ensuring that the product listings were attractive and detailed for customers to want to purchase.

Google Ads

Herba Nutrition was doing a good job of pulling in customers from social media and Google Ads, but pay-per-click advertising can always be upscaled.

We optimised their advert copy and added site extensions to increase their on-page real estate and project an air of reputability to their advertising.

We took their keywords right back to the basics, as this has previously been a source of confusion for our clients. The team made sure that only the most credible, valuable keywords were added, then worked to expand on this and increase brand awareness on specific products.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

With Herba Nutrition being an eCommerce website, their main goal is to sell their products and create those vital conversions. We knew that we had to conduct careful analysis and research amongst their competitors. Through setting up tracking codes on their website, we were able to monitor their conversion rate optimisation analytics. From this, we were able to implement any changes to their Google Ads campaigns as well as their website SEO.

Regular upkeep of their paid advertising is now vital to their success and has led them to some pretty amazing ROI.

Results Summary

607% Increase in the month-to-month organic traffic. Over 200 ranking keywords within 3 months of work. 85% Increase in organic e-commerce rates.