Hertz – Ahead of Everyone

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Division 4 Vision created an image campaign for our client Hertz.

The Challenge

We were entrusted with the task of creating an image campaign at a challenging moment for the Hertz company in the Croatian market.

The key visual was to reflect the power of Hertz as one of the first and the best known brands in the rent-a-car business. However, the aim was not only to focus on Hertz’s long tradition – Hertz nowadays being one of the synonyms for rent-a-car – but also to present it as a leader in innovative and modern solutions for the needs of contemporary society.

Important elements of the company’s product offering include its customer service and its diverse rent-a-car options that are segmented according to client profiles – that is, options that are tailor-made to client requests.

The Solution

We came up with the slogan “Ispred svih” (“Ahead of Everyone”), which, in addition to meeting the requirements set in the brief, used the car industry vocabulary and evoked the idea of taking the lead in a car race.

While creating the key visual, in addition to aligning it with the slogan, we wanted to make it visible, playful and attractive to a potential client with its almost childlike simplicity. So, after the brainstorming session and initial sketches, we went shopping, chose a few toy cars, did a photoshoot in a studio, postproduction, and we had our key visual.

The Result

We created a recognizable and attractive image campaign that attracts attention and stands out on digital outdoor billboards and other outdoor locations, as well as in digital campaigns. But wherever the ads are located, the message is always the same: the Hertz toy car literally overtakes its competitors and occupies the well-deserved leading position.