High Impact Copy Testing

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A testing strategy and increase overall AD & creative performance.

The Challenge

Implement a testing strategy to improve AD & creative performance, all in order to scale the Tvornica Snova brand.

Tvornica Snova is a Croatian brand that specializes in making personalized books for families and children.

They came to us with a request to scale their AD & creative performance.

The main goal was to implement a testing strategy and increase overall AD & creative performance. The main metric we wanted to improve were:

  • Click Through Rates (CTR)
  • Cost per Action (CPA)
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


The Goal – Improve AD performance.

The Solution

The challenge was to improve overall Brand Communication and enhance their communication architecture.

We decided to test with the new Product launch. In order to test and reach new audiences, and create a new revenue stream.

Although the brand is all about emotion, we needed to focus on data. Learn what the customer’s pain points are, and how we solve their problems.

Because we are on a tight schedule and budget we set up a process of a series of Sprints and High Impact Tests. In order to save budget and gain Confidence Intervals with our tests we set up our tests based on Cumulative Binomial Probability Distribution.

Every test reinforces the previous learning and that is how we gained confidence with the test results.


Run a series of High Impact Tests and build up an AD that communicates directly to the User and provides a solution to their problem.


Reconfirming the final test results to improve Confidence in the tests by stress testing the final ADs.

Overall Results

Ad Ranking


We tested a Traffic Campaign Objective vs Purchase Campaign Objective on Prospecting Audiences.

The Campaigns start with the Traffic campaign outperforming the Purchase Campaign.

But once the algorithm learns, we see the Purchase Objective Campaign gain traction and start to outperform the Traffic Campaign.

The overall goal is reached, we have a scalable and profitable New Customer Acquisition Campaign, with a Brand New Product


Through the use of Facebook and Google

  • Scalable and Profitable Ads
  • CTR increased by 118%
  • 47% Lower CPC
  • Prospecting (COLD) Audience Acquisition costs are lower by 68%
  • Increased ROAS by 74%
  • Stable and Scalable New Customer Acquisition Campaign

Next Steps

Start Planning and implementing a continuous High Impact Test process for all products and campaigns. All in order to maximise business and campaign performance.