HIPAA Video Web Application and Mobile App Development

Softermii Inc.
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HIPAA Video is the leader in online healthcare communications and the telemedicine market.


HIPAA Video is a brand new web communications and video conferencing application for accessible healthcare and medical advice.

Created by a startup company from the US, it offers a new medium for online interaction available to physicians and their patients.


HIPAA Video was originally planned as the ultimate communications platform.

To this end, our UX/UI designers had to create efficient user flows that combined texting, scheduling and other high-value features into a convenient healthcare application.

In order to enable HIPAA Video for medical use, we’ve had to ensure the product corresponded the global standards for healthcare applications data privacy and security.


We’ve built a robust web tech health application that shows great output in all browsers.

With HIPAA Video, physicians are now able to easily organize appointments with patients. On the patient-side, they have what they need to consult their doctors and have all message exchanges documented, stored and easily available.

The flagship feature, our conferencing setup, now offers a full-on live video exchange.

Our WebRTC know-how now lets us create multi-peer video connection.

Thanks to awesome encoder implementations, effective echo cancellation, and browser support, our developers have managed to devise a supreme video-streaming solution.

Our developers have encrypted all messaging and video data exchange. We have implemented TSL, TDL and role-based authorization for app entry to ensure the sensitive personal data exchange is fully secure.

Right now, the product is a unique standalone cloud-based communications platform, compliant with HIPAA as well as European Health Security norms and widely adopted all over the world.