Hive University Social Networking App

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The main idea is that people can communicate with each other according to their location and interests. Hive helps people to find friends.

About the Project

The project was built as a social network for a local university. Students can share ideas, communicate, organize and follow groups, create posts, etc. With this app, first-year students can get their social life started with help and support, and keep up-to-date with the latest news. All users are members of the university – restrictions are in place to prevent external users from registering on the system.

Challenges and Objectives

The application works on both Android and iOS. We developed two native applications using Objective-C and Java along with numerous libraries and frameworks to work properly with the back-end APIs and dealing with numerous simultaneous requests.


We developed and uploaded the app to the AppStore and Google PlayMarket. Both are fully working applications that support all the main versions of mobile operating systems. There are currently many users who are satisfied with the features and functionality.