Hollar Website and Mobile App Development

Softermii Inc.
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Hollar provides a unique online discount retail platform with up-to-date product collections for easy stay-at-home shopping.


Hollar is an outstanding destination for mobile shoppers that want to buy cool products at the right price. The deals on offer start at just $1. The online shop features thousands of quality products handpicked by their team: household essentials, toys and electronics, beauty products, apparel and much more. Hollar’s mission is to offer its customers a seamless experience of joy in discovering great shopping deals.


The project for Hollar is aimed at creating a price-busting mobile app on Android and iOS in cooperation with a US-based team of in-house developers. We needed to offer an easy-to-use mobile retail app that helps shoppers save money on their household budgets.

The company requested a functional app that integrates all supported online payment systems while ensuring proper UI/UX for buyers across platforms. Softermii had to offer a large team of senior developers for both backend and frontend and ensure results in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Softermii co-developed a free-to-download app for iOS and Android. We ensured that shoppers get push notifications with updates on Hollar “wow offers” like the $2 Deals Galore. That helped increase quarterly sales by 35%.

We’ve implemented a unique UX and breakthrough frameworks for the best shopping experience. The app received hundreds of 5-star ratings putting Hollar among the top e-shopping providers.

As a result, Hollar management is highly satisfied with our refactoring of the old functionality and speed of development.