Hollyburn Properties Website: Revolutionizing the Way Canadians Rent

Major Tom
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Market congestion is overwhelming. How do you cut through the noise? By providing an unrivalled website experience for your customers.

About the Client

Hollyburn Properties Limited is a Canadian property management, real estate investment and purpose-built rental development company. Hollyburn currently manages and operates 4 commercial properties, 86 rental apartment communities nationwide, with over 5,600 suites in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Ottawa.

The Challenge

We love clients who strive to create best-in-class experiences. So when Hollyburn Properties approached us with the mandate to create Canada’s best property management website, we couldn’t wait to step up the challenge. Looking for a place to live is stressful, especially in the competitive vacancy markets of Toronto and Vancouver, so we aimed to make a site that was a delight to use.

The Solution

The new site is completely user-centric and entirely task-focused – every aspect of the search is geared towards allowing users to browse available units with ease. We’re proud of what we lovingly refer to as our own AirBnB, but don’t take our word for it: the Hollyburn site has been on the receiving end of a number of major design awards, including the CSS Design Awards, the W3 Awards, and the Vancouver User Experience Awards.