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With Holonet, an office team can organise a meeting that will also include colleagues connecting from VR/MR headsets, laptops and phones.

The Challenge

The COVID era has shown an impressive need for communication and collaboration tools between office-based and remote teams. Blending the online and offline world has however brought forward significant limitations. Video conferencing tools have allowed teams to get together, but have proven to be cumbersome in larger groups. Involving office-based teams in meetings with remote members has become an additional hassle with reduced focus, difficulty sharing materials, and reduced engagement.

The Solution

Holonet is on a mission to facilitate the collaboration of such blended teams by eliminating the current limitations. The solution is an immersive communication and collaboration tool that allows teams to work together regardless of the devices they use and the location where they are based. In simple terms, an organisation that has a team at the office can organise a meeting that will also include colleagues connecting from VR/MR  headsets, laptops, and phones. All of these participants are “equals” and are able to share materials, present, and engage in a more effective and natural way than what is currently offered by typical conferencing tools.

The Results

Holonet is currently successfully being implemented in organisations with dislocated teams working together. The results are improved motivation and participation in meetings as remote participant feel much more involved in the conversations and office-based teams in turn have more of a feeling that their colleagues are actually there with them.