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The “Hommati” project was required to build an online property portal system that offers region-wise properties listing.


The “Hommati” project was required us to build an online property portal system that offers region-wise properties listing. This website is a one-stop cloud solution for home seekers, sellers, agents, and franchises.


  • Bunch of Lead distribution to the franchise
  • The royalties assessment for a franchise
  • Adding & searching Billions of property on a map
  • Member management with the number of franchise


  • Created round-robin assignment to assign leads a rotation manner to the franchises & automatically send an email to the franchise to get track who is in the next rotation to get the lead.
  • Descending scale royalties to generate the royalties for a franchise with the feature of total gross revenue the calculation, admin royalties & non-paid member royalties calculation.
  • Used Google API in order to add around million properties at the same time on the system to make it live on a map.
  • 3D tour & Aerial videos for an interactive tour of the client
  • Conversion management of members within 90 Days with a round-robin concept.
  • Dashboard management & printing option for all activities of leads, members, franchise, and admin.


Used For Building a Website:

  • Technology: PHP Framework (V 5.5), Google APIs
  • Front-end: PHP
  • Back-end: Laravel

Used For Building an App:

Technology: Core Java, SQL-lite, Gradles, SQLite DB, Google Play Services, Google Maps, Braintree Payments.

Technource’s Approach

  • Braintree Payments integration approach
  • Google map integration approach to search homes by just entering the city, zip-code, address, or hommati code.
  • An advanced search option to filter out min to max price, no. of beds, baths, Square Ft, Video options (3D Tour or Areal), or defining radius as well.
  • Round Robin approach.
  • Dashboard creation to track individual activities.
  • 3rd party data integration to list out non-member agents.