Hot Jack’s

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Hot Jack’s

Hot Jack’s are a local food retailer in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, specialising in luxury sweet treat boxes, freak shakes and more.

The Tasty Brief

With a new website and a long-standing regular clientele who ordered by phone, or third party app, the team felt that it was time to increase their level of engagement and promote their own site through social media channels.

Social Media Advertising

Hot Jack’s had a limited budget but wanted to raise more awareness around their brand through social media advertising. They hoped to reach more potential customers and generate referrals to their website. The team at Bite Digital were happy to step in and help get the word out there of the tasty treats. We set up their social media advertisement and used detailed location targeting and lookalike audiences to drive the marketing goals they wanted from this campaign.

Social Media Analytics

Alongside their social media advertising campaign, the team closely monitored Hot Jack’s analytics that was coming from the advertising. These analytics told us whether they were reaching the right people to drive engagement and referral, and allowed us to make any changes to improve the ads. We knew this was important for our team to do with Hot Jack’s having a limited budget, we had to make sure they were getting the maximum possible engagement for their money.

Results Summary

Hot Jack’s saw an engagement increase of 80% from a single campaign, Facebook page likes saw an overall increase of 16% and the advertisement itself had thousands of engagements.