Hotel Booking Portal for a Travel Agency

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We built a bilingual website with access to a large number of hotels with a customized unique user interface.

Client Background

Our client provides corporate customers with services for planning and organizing business trips abroad.


We built a bilingual website with access to a large number of hotels. To make the website user-friendly, our team proposed a customized and unique user interface. We implemented various notifications and filters, which helped users find what they need. We automated administrative operations and added various payment methods.

Business Challenge

The client’s primary client’s challenge was to manage a massive amount of manual work with booking, payments, and communication due to a growing number of customers. The processes had to be made more efficient, and there was a need to create their own online portal for hotel booking. The system was aimed to optimize and to automate the administrative work.


Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, SQL Server 2008, TFS Online, Lucidchart, ASP.NET MVC4, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, Knockout.

Value Delivered by JetSoftPro

  • A functional website for online booking
  • Integration of different payment methods
  • Administrative work automatization

Product Overview

Client’s Goals

As a player in the growing tourist services market, our client wanted to efficiently handle the requests for booking and communication with its customers and optimize its staff work. The company wanted to ensure it provided high-quality B2B and B2C client support and offer multiple payment methods for hotel booking.

To fulfill these needs our team performed the following tasks:

  • Implemented search tools for the external B2B partners
  • Developed a convenient administrative system displaying all changes made by the users
  • Provided a user-friendly interface with easy access to the accommodations features
  • Applied a smart system of notifications helping a user with booking

Technical Implementation

Using Bootstrap we created a customized user interface. To increase the performance of the website we applied an Ajax technique. We installed a bilingual resource with access to a large number of hotels.

Notifications were implemented to help customers while booking. A maximum of administrative work was automated, and our team designed a convenient system displaying all payment transactions.

During the design stage, a new business idea surfaced — to create an embedded searching form for the external partners’ sites. We implemented it using an iFrame. Upon completion, each tour operator got the ability to provide its customers with the advantages of an online reservation directly from its agency site.