House of Craft Beer Masters

Bonnie & Clyde Advertising Studio
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All about flexibility and gear shifting while branding and promoting a local craft beer store franchise.

Casa Berarilor Artizani (House of Craft Beer Masters) went from 1 to 12 stores in the first year. It is one of those start-ups that experience fast growth and needs a fast branding agency. There is no time to wait for all the puzzle pieces to fall into place. We had to make quick, inspired decisions.

We provided the branding and promotional materials on the go, just as the stores were getting launched. We needed coherent brand vocabulary, both verbally and visually.

The chosen words, combined with the design that focused on Romanian elements or symbols, reinterpreted, or simplified, say the whole story: local, craft beer, packed with a little Romanian language flavor. The CBA universe recreates the same cheerful atmosphere in every location, with a dash of passion for good beer. We celebrated hospitality, the Romanian lust for life and the tight community of Romanian brewers.