How I Used Content Marketing to Boost My Search Rankings

Shane Barker Consulting
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Content marketing is the backbone supporting all other types of marketing initiatives.

Here is how Zoe leveraged our influencer marketing consulting services to drive sales conversions.


Zoe Rodriguez, a health and fitness blogger and CEO of ZBody Fitness Inc., came to us for help with her influencer marketing initiatives. The key goal was to boost her company’s sales and maximize the ROI from her influencer marketing campaign.

She wanted us to design and execute an influencer marketing campaign for her brand and drive sales of her products. She also wanted to increase her brand’s online presence, reach more people, and build a larger follower base.


  • Difficulty Collaborating With Influencers
  • Low Sales Conversions


  • Optimized the Website For Better Conversions
  • Reached Out to Influencers to Get Zoe Featured
  • Ran an Email Drip Campaign
  • Revamped Her Content Strategy and Promoted Her as a Health and Fitness Influencer
  • Offered Bundled Packages


  • With an initial investment of $300K, Zoe was able to generate a sales boost of $1.6 million with the help of our influencer marketing campaign. We were able to get her a 5x ROI on our influencer marketing initiatives.
  • We were also successful in driving conversions for her brand’s products.
  • We offered bundled packages and focussed on upselling her products and services to increase revenue.
  • Increased her number of followers and the engagement rate on her social media posts.
  • Currently, Zoe’s Instagram profile has 427K followers and her brand’s page (@zbodyfitnessinc) has 184k followers.
  • Built long-term relationships with influencers, which continued long after the campaign ended.
  • By the end of this campaign, Zoe’s transformation journey inspired several other women to post about their personal journeys after using Zoe’s programs. This resulted in creating several brand advocates beyond the influencers that we collaborated with.
  • As a result of this campaign, Zoe established herself as a key influencer in her field with a strong and distinctive personal brand.