How Launching Shopping Campaigns Increased Revenue by Eight Times and ROAS From 210% To 872%

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We share how to grow transactions by eight times, increase income by nine times, decrease the cost of transactions by four times, ROAS 872%.

Client: Alp, an online retailer of hiking and camping equipment.

Task: Increase in transactions/income while decreasing transaction cost.

Solution: Optimization of the current account and launching Google Shopping campaigns.

Result: Growth of transactions by eight times, increase of income by nine times, decrease in the cost of transactions by four times, ROAS 872%

At the time of contacting #ADINDEX, the client had already configured PPC from another agency. But:

  • It did not bring the desired results.
  • For a long period (more than a year), the launch of shopping campaigns was delayed, which, in our opinion, is the most effective tool today.


We decided to optimize the current advertising campaigns:

  • Rebuilt the structure of the account.
  • Expanded search campaigns.

And together with the client, we made adjustments to the website to launch Shopping campaigns and launched them.


After working on the project for one year, we compared the main indicators of cooperation between Alp and ADINDEX and Alp with another agency. We were pleasantly surprised by the results: with ADINDEX, the client’s project has grown in all respects:

  • Transactions grew eight times.
  • The company’s income has grown nine times.
  • The transaction cost has decreased by four times.
  • Monthly advertising campaign costs have doubled.
  • The revenue to cost ratio (ROAS) increased from 210% to 872%