How to Constantly Hit x5-10 ROAS with Influencers and Peak with x200

Blank Label Team
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We have put an end to the times when TikTok was “not for sales”.

When done right, TikTok can be an effective directly-tracked revenue driver.

The principles that make or break content, however, have to be followed. We have worked on a specific method that has allowed successful TikToks to be replicated.

Even if we had a decent share of low return TikToks, the big ones were extremely big, and they peaked at x208 ROAS. This strategy is, however, not for the fainthearted and not for the impatient ones.

The Blank Label Team brought in:

  • a big team of 12
  • a massive negotiation and selection powerhouse with thousands of influencers being evaluated
  • a decade of experience of making multiple mistakes, along with the lessons that made the developed methodology the right one.

The client brought in:

– enablement and support to make the strategy work

– strict boundaries to follow

– help with understanding their customers better

– help with a complex attribution

– trust

– budget.


  • The client won tremendously.
    • Sell-out days for specific products advertised.
    • Obvious huge revenue bumps.
    • During the downward trend of the broader industry, the client was the only company with an upward trend.
  • Blank Label Teams were happy.

Note: The exact numbers and details are classified.