How to Promote a Hotel During Off-Season: NG Phaselis Using DV360

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The IQUEEM agency approached newage. digital solutions to set up an advertising campaign for the NG Phaselis resort hotel in Turkey.

The newage. team started working on the hotel’s promotion in April 2022 and launched various campaigns throughout the year, but in this case study we will consider the hotel’s advertising during the off-season, in January 2023.

The Challenge

We have been working with NG Phaselis since April. From the beginning, our goal was to generate conversions and reduce their costs in the face of high competition with other hotels, and we succeeded in doing so. However, in January, tourists hardly go to the beaches of Turkey. During the off-season, when demand significantly decreases, our key objective became advance room booking and increasing overall website traffic, as well as attracting interested users who would explore the hotel’s offers for a certain period of time.

The target audience consisted of residents from different countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, Estonia, the United Kingdom, and Poland. For each country’s audience, the client prepared a separate landing page in the corresponding language, and the video creatives were international and depicted a summer vacation in a five-star hotel.

The Solution


We began the preparation of the advertising campaign with media planning. We analyzed data about the population of the target countries, their demographics, degree of technology penetration, and other necessary indicators, and based on this we created a forecast of the number of target users we could reach with the campaign.

At the same time, newage. analysts studied the cost of advertising to the target markets and allocated budgets in such a way as to attract users proportionally, without skewing towards too cheap or too expensive impressions.

Campaign Launch

To track the effectiveness of our advertising campaign, we used Campaign Manager 360 (also part of GMP) and Google Analytics. Our main promotion tool of choice was Display & Video 360 (DV360).

DV360 is an advanced Google tool for placing advertising campaigns that is part of the Google marketing platform and provides extended capabilities for managing advertising campaigns. These extended capabilities include exclusive formats of creatives, placements, and optimization methods that are not available in Google Ads.

We already had a tangible example of the benefits of DV360 in the hotel industry for our client. Previously, we used banner ads in DV360 for NG Phaselis, which significantly reduced CPA even in the high season. Thus, from April to July, when competitor activity was at its maximum and the cost of advertising was expected to rise, we achieved a decrease in costs at all levels of the funnel: from attracting users for 10 seconds to clicking the “Reservation” button.


For each country, we selected cold, warm, and hot audiences, from custom affinity to custom intent. And for each audience level, we planned a specific scenario for showing videos and banners.

The campaign lasted for a month, and each week we conducted a detailed review of all reports and made changes for different audiences, testing optimization hypotheses. For example, in the first week, we changed the custom bidding strategy to max conversions for warm and hot audiences or launched the max clicks strategy for audiences who viewed competitors.

To optimize segments that did not perform as expected, we used the DV360 custom bidding feature, which optimized the segment for conversions higher up in the funnel — that is, DV360 first tried to optimize impressions to encourage orders from an audience. If that didn’t work, the system adjusted the impressions to encourage viewers to visit the booking site. If the result still didn’t meet expectations, DV360 moved to the next level in the funnel.

The Result

During January, the experimental video campaign brought over 800 users to the reservation page — more than the combined total of the previous two months, when only banner advertising was used for promotion.

Thanks to this campaign, we received a significant boost in remarketing audiences, which we can apply in further promotions. We plan to continue using video advertising in DV360 to promote the client and look forward to the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of this channel during the high season.

At the same time, the CPA of valuable conversions, which began to decrease thanks to optimization, even during the high season, has become even lower during this off-season period.

Below is IQUEEM’s review of the project.

“After reading the case study about the successful campaign for the NG Phaselis Bay hotel, we were thoroughly impressed with the performance and effectiveness of Google DV360 in delivering outstanding results. The collaboration between IQUEEM and newage. has proven to be a winning combination, as demonstrated by the campaign’s impressive KPIs.

The case study highlights several KPIs that underscore the importance of using Google DV360 for programmatic advertising. The campaign achieved an astounding 72% viewability rate and an impressive 3.15% click-through rate (CTR). Additionally, the campaign yielded a conversion rate of 4.78%, which is an exceptional result.

The success of the campaign can be attributed to the sophisticated targeting capabilities of Google DV360. The case study notes that newage. utilized DV360’s advanced audience targeting to reach relevant and interested users, resulting in the attraction of high-quality traffic to the NG Phaselis Bay hotel website.

As a digital marketing agency, we are excited to continue working with newage. and Google DV360 to deliver exceptional results for our clients. The case study has demonstrated that DV360 is a powerful tool that can help us reach our target audience more effectively, resulting in improved KPIs and ROI for our clients.

Overall, the success of the NG Phaselis Bay hotel campaign is a testament to the client’s expertise and ability to leverage the full potential of this powerful programmatic advertising platform.”