How To Set up an Effective Black Friday Email Campaign

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In this case, we show that the email marketing channel is profitable using the Black Friday email example.

Alp is not a regular customer of our email marketing service.

Task: show that this sales channel is profitable using the Black Friday email example.

What was done

2 days before Black Friday, we sent a sale reminder email with items that are already discounted and will be discounted. The bottom line is that Alp only runs a sale for 1 day and this is a great option to play on the psychology of the buyer – we want to have what we don’t have and value what we have less.

On the day of the action itself, we made a promo mailing listing products with discounts.


  • income from the email channel grew 4 times (by 282.23%) compared to last year;
  • Newsletter revenue for November was 39.3% of total email marketing revenue for 2021 (11 months);
  • Newsletter revenue for November accounted for 1.1% of the company’s total monthly revenue.