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How We Rapidly Improved Submission for Medical Treatments

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Thalassotherapy Crikvenica became the first medical institution in Croatia with a comprehensive online submission system for medical treatments.

About Thalassotherapy Crikvenica

Thalassotherapy Crikvenica contacted us with an urge to develop an innovative, simple but comprehensive online submission for medical treatments for all types of visitors – including visitors with minimum or non-experience for placing online submissions. Together we structured a unique and innovative system based on filling an online form incorporated on the website. As part of the development, our team devised a completely new submission system for medical treatments. In that way, Thalassotherapy Crikvenica became the first medical institution in Croatia with a comprehensive online submission system for medical treatments. Online submissions for medical treatments increased by 82%.

The Challenge

1. Create a modern and appealing design for all types of visitors

2. Easy and comprehensive online ordering for medical treatments

3. A flexible and simple system for quickly updating with new information

Thalassotherapy Crikvenica has few different services, and the previous information structure of the old website was very complex and it was hard to find the information you needed. On the other hand, Thalassotherapy Crikvenica has clients of all ages with different medical issues, so it was important and challenging to design each feature to be easy to find and understand further steps. Thalassotherapy, in 3 months after launching the newly redesigned website, had positive feedback with an increasing number of requested medical treatments.

Innovative Approach

Tailor-made online submission for medical treatments is designed to serve as a unique journey for each individual. In that scope, by filling out the form, new questions arise in order to specify the client’s needs and create a custom medical treatment package.  The form requires personal information of potential client, information of potential client accompaniment, adding relevant medical records, answering the questions about accommodation and extra services regarding special mobility or diet requests.

Innovative online submission of Thalassotherapy Crikvenica made a huge impact on delivering all necessary information and medical records even before welcoming a client for a custom medical treatment in Crikvenica.

Accessibility for All

One of the main goals was to focus on accessibility. Developing a website that caters to users who may have visual impairments or users with limited experience with interaction design.

Using large font, simple graphics and appealing color palette we ensured all visitors have an equally unique experience.

User Experience Affects Business Results

The website we built alongside Thalassotherapy Crikvenica not only presents users with a simpler experience, but it also resulted in greater business results.

  • Increased mobile average session duration by more than 300%
  • 10 times faster website load speed
  • 72% more client requests
  • Decreased bounce rate by more than 50%