HSM360 – Webshop Integrated with Existing ERP and CRM Systems

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Neuralab designed, built and hosted a webshop integrated with existing ERP and CRM systems. They are working on a similar solution for subsidiaries.


Neuralab team was approached by the CTO of HSM360, a software solution provider headquartered in Croatia with operations in over 20 European countries, including subsidiaries in Serbia and Bosnia. Their main business is value-added distribution, and they build software and hardware solutions.


The project involved CRM implementation and a new e-commerce solution. It all worked together with an existing legacy enterprise resource planning system.


The scope of involvement

Neuralab is a full-service digital marketing agency created the requested e-commerce website. There was an existing legacy website on Joomla, but Neuralab recommended to change the platform and go with WordPress as well as a WooCommerce solution. Currently, Neuralab hosts the website as well. The final product was integrated with the CRM and ERP systems within 6 months. Next is building a diversion for the subsidiaries in Bosnia and Serbia.

Who found whom

HSM360 was looking for a partner to implement the e-commerce part of the project. Neuralab team was recommended by HSM360’s partners. Later it turned out that Neuralab’s CEO was HSM360 CTO’s childhood acquaintance, too.

The cost

HSM360 has spent $30,000 over the course of our relationship.

Current status

HSM360 started working with Neuralab in 2015, and went live in 2016. The project will never be completed because there are always have new ideas and requests.


Evidence that demonstrates the impact of the work

HSM360 company grew in 2016 by around 25%. It went from $4 million to $5 million in revenue.

From a project management standpoint

When Neuralab team says that something will be delivered by a certain date, they do it. Google Sheets and InVision was used so both teams could collaborate on the design. Google Hangouts was used as a communication tool.

Of course, Neuralab was internally using many other modern tools in order to increase productivity and overall quality. 

What was the most impressive

HSM360 team enjoyed working with Neuralab, and there weren’t any issues. It has been better than other experiences HSM360 has had before.

Suggestions for improvement

Giving a deadline estimate faster and maybe using a better project management tool would be perfect.