HTC Exclusive Club

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Learn about an app designed and developed for HTC Club, connected to the world restaurant chains it allows a user to get coupons and book table


The application was developed at the request of the “World Map” chain of restaurants.

Daily in each restaurant of the chain owners of devices with preinstalled HTC Exclusive Club is guaranteed to receive bonuses in addition to the basic order or to receive discounts on selected items of the menu. This requires an electronic coupon that the user can generate using an application. The user only needs to choose a favorite offer in any restaurant of the “World Map” chain and save the coupon. To get a discount or a bonus during a visit to a restaurant just show the coupon to the administrator. Also, the application HTC Exclusive Club allows making a call to the restaurant or to book a table in one touch.


Android SDK, Gson, Java, Json, Xml, SVN.


  • Curator of the project (development of functionality, technical decision-making, communication with the customer);
  • Android Programmer (functional development);
  • Tester (project testing).


The development of the project took us 2 weeks.