Huawei Honor 9 — The Light Catcher

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The Light Catcher website was part of Huawei’s big promotional campaign which drove huge engagement on social networks.

The Project

For purposes of a Huawei Honor9 campaign for our client Telenor we created, designed and developed a special web presentation driven by a photo contest between The Morning People (#teamday) and The Night Owls (#teamnight).

The website included a presentation of Huawei’s latest smartphone and its features, inviting the visitors from #teamday and #teamnight to post photos inspired by light, thus creating a unique contest between night and day which could be observed and followed in real-time on the Honor9 website.

The Result

The campaign was a huge success, drawing 1,739,007 users and 7,311 interactions on social media, including more than 100,000 video views.

The website itself recorded over 75 thousand sessions and over 62 thousand users who posted more than 14,000 photos, resulting in a clear victory for #teamday who posted 60% of them.